Sweet Summertime

by What's My Part? on January 10, 2013

renewed-300x2001.jpgThe breeze rustling through the trees, warm sunshine on my face, cool refreshing water, and fresh fruit…These are just a few of my favorite things about summertime. After the dreariness, cold, and blah of winter, there is nothing better than seeing the signs that it’s coming to a close and soon to be replaced by a warmer season.

Just as the earth goes through the changes of seasons, our lives are marked by new beginnings or times of loss. We experience times filled with joy, and we face times that feel just as cold and hopeless as winter. Just as the seasons are certain to keep flowing, our lives are also bound to be filled with change. Sometimes, the changes offer long-awaited relief or joy, and sometimes, the changes bring new challenges or times of immense grief.

Every season has a purpose designed by the Creator.

God has a plan for every change in our lives. For our joys and for our sorrows.

He has a reason for everything we face and every burden we carry.

I once heard a saying that went something like, “We can only see part of the picture, but God sees our life in its entirety.” We may not always know the reason, and we may not always understand the why, but we can be sure that God does. We can be sure of His goodness and His love. And we can know, without a doubt, He does all things for our good and His glory (Romans 8:28). We may not understand His purpose this side of heaven, but we can be sure His word is true.

My mother is currently fighting a battle with cancer. Immediately following her diagnosis, I was filled with hopelessness and fear. However, through this journey, God has strengthened my faith, drawn me closer to Him, and He is teaching me how to be thankful in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

I long for relief for my mother’s struggle, and for this season of life to be changed and be produced into something of great beauty and worth. I know this season of winter in my life will not remain unchanged, and I can’t wait for the joy and peace of sweet summertime!

Whatever season you may be facing in your life, remember that God never changes. He is good all the time. Through every season, He remains on the throne and in control.

If you’re facing a springtime filled with new beginnings, be thankful for this time of change. If you are enjoying the peace and sweetness of summertime, or a refreshing time of fall, give thanks to the Lord. If you’re facing a winter filled with sadness, uncertainty, or loss, know that this season too will pass, and be thankful for the refining that may be taking place in your life (Psalm 66:10).

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Micala December 18, 2013

Thank the Lord that no matter what season of life we may be facing, he is always on the throne. His faithfulness and love for us never changes even when our situations do.


Peggy December 12, 2013

I really enjoyed this post!


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